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Hope- 5 Positive Earnest Expectations For 2013

…as long as we can make it through the next two months without US House of Rep screwing it up.

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Had a great discussion with a colleague about “Hope.” He defined  hope as being “earnest expectations”-  as opposed to all the nebulous, touchy-feeley stuff that most people seem to think it is.

I considered what he said, and offerred, that to me,  hope is more than just earnest expectations.

Hope is Positive Earnest Expectations!

Here are my 5 Positive Earnest Expectations for 2013:

Automotive market will continue to strengthen. 


When I worked at a steel barmill, it was certain knowledge that automotive was the most important driver of bar steel sales. “No one would build a bar mill for steel if it wasn’t for automotive.” Said Everyone. To. The New Guy. (Me.) We see estimates of a 15 million auto sales for 2013. That may be a little high, but if housing continues to strengthen too, well, tradesmen will need pickup trucks and vans. And THAT could be a boost to…

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