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Maintenance Manger Desperately Seeking Susan?! No, That’s Not Quite It But…

Post many replies to blogs, linkedin, etc. about the same topic, here is a colorful version by another blogger.

An October Monday

Okay, as promised I am going to share our (my families) current situation, one that seems to be one trending in America, being “Let Go” from your current employer due to “Recent Events.”

What?! Recent Events?  What the Hell does that mean?  I will tell you what I think it means…

Gaze into my crystal ball and I will show you the recent past… Just kidding

My husband (Robert) was the Maintenance Manager for a rather large water bottling company.  This company is held by and investment firm and rumor has it they have been trying to sell said “company” for over 3 years.  So what does all this mean?  It means that Investment held companies rarely care about their employee’s, they care about PROFIT! 

Yup, the almighty $$$ dollar!

Well a few months ago a certain man was brought into the Director of Manufacturing or as I like to…

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