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When a company seeks PLC Technician Training, they need to seek PLC Certification level training in their employees. This level of training is just that, training, not just scholastic education, memorizing material and correctly answering question immediately afterwards. Actual training will be hands-on with real PLCs, while being taught best practices and safety that applies to real world application. Most importantly, and what differentiates actual PLC training from typical scholastic learning (PLC education), beside the hands-on training with real PLCs, is that employees must be evaluated in the use of best-practices by the instructor. A hands-on evaluation.

PLC Technician Training Certification

PLC certification of best practices used by each employee.

The person doing the hiring needs to understand that a lecture/presentation only, type PLC seminar will not be a sufficient solution. Those type of Seminars have a few obvious flaws…

  • The trainees will not gain hands on experience with real equipment …
  • Not with actual PLC programs they will be using in their facility…
  • As a result the PLC technician or maintenance technician will likely forget most of what they’ve learned.

Also note that PLC simulation software will never be the same as the real deal, and should be only used as a continuing education tool, not used for the core PLC training. (As it lacks actual
hands-on experiences of going online with the PLC, troubleshooting drivers, etc.) To learn more See PLC Technician Training.


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