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Infrared Thermography Training and Certification provides ROI in more ways than any other training.

Infrared Thermography Training Center:

Infrared Thermography Training and Certification provides …

a return on training investment in more ways than any other training one can receive.

Infrared Thermography Training Applications

Process and manufacturing business see huge savings implementing infrared thermography into their predictive maintenance (PdM) programs. Electrical contractors and home improvement service companies expand their revenue by offering additional infrared inspection services. And entrepreneurs of all types come up with new infrared thermography businesses and applications.

Article continued on Infrared Applications: Thermography Applications for businesses.

For best thermography training and certification (online, on demand, anytime, anywhere), see Online Infrared Training Center. The Certified Infrared Thermographer’s Association (CITA) is currently offering free Affiliate membership to all graduates of this Certified Infrared Thermographer® training program. Also, with this online infrared thermography training provider, it is the only provider of Infrared Thermography Distance Learning Courses that meet the ASNT  SNT-TC-1A recommendations for a 32 hour curriculum.  No other company offers this type of course through distance learning.


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  1. its best on line or any time training center.

    Comment by nehathakral | September 30, 2014 | Reply

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