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What is Thermography

A thermal imager can provide a wealth of information that can improve efficiency, productivity, and safety with proper training. 

What is thermography

What is Thermography?

Infrared thermography is the use of an infrared thermal imaging system to detect, display, and record thermal patterns and temperature values across a given surface. The concept of infrared thermography is simple (how does thermal imaging work). All objects above absolute zero—or zero Kelvin—emit infrared radiation. While infrared energy is invisible to the human eye, it is detectable with a thermal imager, also known as an infrared camera. Infrared data obtained can be observed in real time or captured to videotape, PC card, or electronic media for post-analysis. Today’s modern thermal imagers are video camera- like devices, which often can fit in the palm of your hand. A thermal imager converts the invisible infrared imaging into a monochrome or multicolored image, which represents the apparent thermal patterns across the surface of the object being inspected. When recorded on photographic film or paper, these images are referred to as thermograms.

Read more at … What is Infrared Thermography.


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