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The wordpress blog is by Don Fitchett, President of Business Industrial Network (BIN)

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About BIN:

Business Industrial Network’s core business is delivering world class onsite engineering and maintenance training, specializing in Allen Bradley equipment. We also conduct maintenance training seminars in Las Vegas.

To further support the industry, our subsidiary Feed Forward Publications offers maintenance, engineering, and other industrial related training material. Some of our management, electrical and mechanical related training material offered are Video courses, Ebooks, PLC Training Equipment, Interactive Software, PLC programming examples, PowerPoints, Computer Based Training courses. We have authors and affiliates around the world and sell to over 120 countries.

Category: Education Category: Industrial Category: Engineering Category: Manufacturing

Subsidiary: Trade School Education, Free Industrial Downloads and Koldwater Automation Training

About Don Fitchett:

The recommended article titled “Control Panel Design With Maintenance in Mind” published in Control Design Magazine in February 2014.

Also of notability is the at paper titled “TLC for PLC” published April 2012 in the Industrial Engineering Magazine. REF:

Also of notability for BIN is an article titled “How The US Manufacturing Industry Deals With Recession”, published in the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals Organization’s “Solutions Magazine” August 2009 REF:

Another reference of notability for BIN is an article titled “PLC Maintenance Management” published in <re>Chemical Engineering Nov 2007 REF:

Don Fitchett has also been published in Facilities Engineering Journal [March/April 2002] with the article “What is the True Downtime Cost”. (Also referenced by several publishers like, Pump & Systems Magazine August 2004 and many more.

Also Authors Don Fitchett and Mike Sondalini(coauthor) the extension of the Don Fitchett’s original book -The true cost of manufacturing downtime- (ISBN 1933047151). With this second edition also provides an action plan to utilize existing data sharing technology to monitor the many manufacturing cost categories.

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