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New Free Online Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator

The new free online Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator Game (V4) is out!

Industrial Electrical Simulator Game

Even a simple electrical circuit like this conveyor motor control circuit, can have many faults. The free online electrical simulation game is designed so you can have a little fun while practicing your troubleshooting skills.

Designed for Chrome and Edge browsers (works with Firefox too). So you can play the game on your phone’s browser, tablets, PC, Mac, even 4kTV! Of course a bigger screen than a phone is best, like tablets and computer screens.

Real-time volt meter readings, interactive electrical diagram, official LOTO steps, shows True Downtime Cost ‚ĄĘ and has FUN electrical fault scenarios!
  • Game Level 1: How to use walk through.
    • Lockout/Tagout training (LOTO)
    • Upon completion unlocks Skill Test Level
    • Max score 100
  • Game Level 2: Skill Test mode
    • Five Electrical Faults to solve
    • Also intermittent fault when the conveyor vibrates
    • Fail to do LOTO, player electrocuted, has to start game from beginning.
    • Max score 100
    • Upon completion unlocks Rando mode
  • Game Level 3: Rando mode
    • 5 Random electrical faults to solve.
    • It’s a race against the clock.
    • Max score 600
    • Upon completion unlocks all modes so user can any level, anytime!
    • Upon completion unlocks new interactive electrical diagram showing live voltages and currents
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Please rate and share with your friends and associates. (They need to have fun too!) Seeing the industrial electrical troubleshooting game shared a lot will encourage us to add new features and functionality. So please share , share. ūüôā Thanks

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Coronavirus: School Closing? Try Training Simulator Software.

With 70% of¬†schools closing¬†because of the high infection rate of¬†Coronavirus, Schools are now faced with the challenge of how to deliver valuable hands-on training to students working from home. The nation’s schools could be closed for weeks, months or the rest of the school year. Schools need to plan ahead for disruptions that may last from 18 months to 3 years.

Educational applications and training simulation software platforms help parents, teachers, schools and school systems facilitate student distance learning and provide interaction during periods of school closure. To support a viable solution to school closings and students not having access to that equipment is to have students/employees work through distance learning courses until the Coronavirus quarantine is lifted.

Coronavirus quarantine (COVID-19) makes industrial training equipment obsolete. Insightful comparison to the replacement, industrial training simulator software.

distance learning training simulation software option

Training simulation software as school closing and distance learning alternative.

Source: Coronavirus Free Industrial Training Simulator Software

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10 Rules for the elimination of weaknesses – maintenance

Great advice…


A maintenance consultant to reduce disturbances and downtime!

Errors and errors always have different causes and must be thoroughly researched and eliminated. Do not make any changes without documentation and communicate any change clearly and transparently.

10 Rules for the elimination of weaknesses:

1. Systematic, accurate analysis without time pressure and hectic work!
2. 50% of all faults occur after process changes and activities in the relevant equipment.
3. All necessary documentation must be accessible to the parties concerned.
4. Always be open minded and motivated to make something even better.
5. All parties involved must understand the processes and the functionality.
6. Never change several activities / processes at the same time, always analyze and document the result of a change.
7. Check all information to 100%, even unimportant and banal details often lead to success.
8. Exclude things until you are 100% sure that everything works properly.

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Allen Bradley PLC Programming Basics

Allen Bradley PLC Programming Basics

Source: Allen Bradley PLC Programming Basics

Allen Bradley PLC Programming

New to PLCs? This Koldwater PLCTrainer Download is for you.

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PLC Training Videos Series

This PLC Training Videos page list some recommended PLC training videos. Some of the videos may be a part of the PLC training video series.

Source: PLC Training Videos Series Example of how not all PLC training videos are equal. Also note; no one video training series is adequate PLC training to work with PLCs in the real world. One needs to learn communication drivers, troubleshooting them, best practices, and get hands on experience first. (Preferably with more than one brand of PLC.)PLC training videos

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A Power Factor refresher.


Definition of Power Factor:

Power factor is the phase difference between the sine wave of the voltage and current.

Power Factor is ratio of real power into apparent power.

¤ KW is Working Power (also called Actual Power or Active Power or Real Power). It is the power that actually powers the equipment and performs useful work.

¤ KVAR is Reactive Power. It is the power that magnetic equipment (transformer, motor and relay) needs to produce the magnetizing flux.

¬§ KVA is Apparent Power. It is the ‚Äúvectorial summation‚ÄĚ of KVAR and KW.



The higher percentage of KVAR, The lower ratio KW to KVA = Lower power factor.

The lower percentage of KVAR, The higher ratio KW to KVA = higher power factor.


Drawbacks of low power factor:

¤ Increase electricity costs by paying penalties.

¤ Inefficient use of electrical energy.

¤ Overloading of transformer and generator.


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Preparing for the CMRP Exam: Sample Questions

I like the sample questions, you may too.

Continuous Improvement for Your Career

Are you prepping for the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional exam or thinking about taking the exam? The questions below offer a glimpse into the ANSI-accredited exam that covers five different topics ‚Äď Business & Management, Manufacturing Process Reliability, Equipment Reliability, Organization & Leadership and Work Management.

While this short quiz does not represent the entirety of the exam, it offers potential examinees an idea of the possible questions. Please consult for more detailed information.

1. Which one of the following is generally true?
a. Construction contractors are usually equally skilled at performing all maintenance tasks
b. Maintenance is often reduced through project designs that provide in-place spares for all rotating equipment and heat exchangers
c. Reliability Centered Maintenance can be applied on capital projects in the pre-construction stage to determine the maintenance plan
d. Most mechanics can easily alternate between doing capital project work and doing equipment diagnosis…

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IBM Watson Group Buys AlchemyAPI To Enhance Machine Learning Capabilities

The future is here, must read. ūüôā

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Is the Time Right to Add Automation?

A great read and insight.

Today we have a special guest post from Scott Stone, E-business manager for Cisco-Eagle, Inc., a provider of integrated material handling and storage systems for industrial operations.

automation - Cisco EagleIn anticipation of the 2014¬†holiday season, e-commerce giant Amazon reportedly deployed an ‚Äúarmy of nearly 10,000 robots‚ÄĚ to its distribution centers worldwide. Nasdaq notes that the deployment of robots en masse strengthens Amazon‚Äôs same-day or overnight delivery services due to the decreased time spent sorting and packing products. In other words, the robots help Amazon meet increased demand during the peak holiday season, when it sees spikes in customer traffic.

For Amazon, this type of automation is a no-brainer, particularly with holiday sales accounting for such a major portion of the company’s annual revenues. But what about mid-sized companies who are on the fence about automating warehouse operations? How do these organizations know when the time is right to automate and, more…

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New industrial skills videos added…

Business Industrial Network on

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