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Is the PLC’s obituary premature?

Is the PLC dead?

At a basic level, the simplicity/ complexity paradigm can be used to determine where PLCs are likely to remain the choice in machine-building applications.


Pictured above is a PAC, a potential replacement for the PLC.

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Is the PLC’s obituary premature?.

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Industrial Automation

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Free Online SCADA Training Interactives

Free Online SCADA Training Interactives.

Click above to see the crossword puzzle and have fun.


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Automation Training PAC – PLC Free Online

Automation Training PAC – PLC Free Online. <<< click.

Now 2 free interactive online crossword puzzles. Please share with others. They will appreciate it.

Free Online PLC - PAC Training Interactives, this one is a interactive crossword puzzle. hope you are up for the challenge. Please feel free to share with others. click pic or

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Working Relationship with Robots Will Lead to New Opportunities

The relationship between man and robots is even more important for those in industrial manufacturing to understand. This post mostly to with industrial robots

Robots in America

Implementing automation allows companies to be more — to be more productive, to be more globally competitive, to be more efficient. Reflecting on the history of technology and economy, we know that automation is a dynamic force in industry. Kevin Kelly predicts a future of automation that will surprise us — technology that performs jobs we never knew needed doing and that gives us opportunities we are just beginning to understand.

Better Than Human: Why Robots Will — And Must — Take Our Jobs
by Kevin Kelly

That may be true of making stuff, but a lot of jobs left in the world for humans are service jobs. I ask Brooks to walk with me through a local McDonald’s and point out the jobs that his kind of robots can replace. He demurs and suggests it might be 30 years before robots will cook for us. “In a fast food…

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