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Mechanical Engineering Career Information | Don Fitchett | LinkedIn.

  We have the topics below covered, what other topics would you like to see training material and courses for?

Infrared Inspection of Mechanical Systems

Best Practice Maintenance & Engineering 4 CD Set Reliability Training Program

Online Mechanical Training Videos

Online Welding Training Videos

Gas and Air Compressor Training CD

Centrifugal Pump Training Software

Heat Exchangers Basics Training

Mechanical Seal and Seal Selection Process Training

CBM and Condition Monitoring Techniques Training

Rotating Equipment Alignment Training

Industrial Valves Computer-Based Training

Steam Turbines & Governing Systems Training

Distillation Process and Equipment Training

Positive Displacement Pumps Training

Oil Exploration and Production Process Training

Industrial Hydraulics Training

EZ Hydraulic Schematics

Guide to Refinery Process Technologies – 2nd Edition

Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits

Belt Bucket Elevator Design – 2nd Edition

Pumps (3 ebook set)

Handbook for Machining Equipment Maintenance

Bearings & Lubrication Explained

Rotating Machinery Long Life Basics

Heat Transfer Equipment Elementary

Metallurgy & Welding in Maintenance Overview

Plastics Application Fundamentals

Corrosion Control for Beginners

Dust Control Equipment & Methods

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Underpaying workers is not a “Skills Gap”. | LinkedIn

A great discussion going on here where both the Root Cause is also the quickest Solution as well as the Long Term Fix. Why not join in the discussion? Click…

Underpaying workers is not a “Skills Gap”. | LinkedIn.

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Business lessons from Albert Einstein

biggest takeaway … “Multitasking is a killer to productivity and innovation in any business. ”

Follow the great wisdom of Albert Einstein … “Be more present” IE: “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” Translation: “Multitasking is a killer to productivity and innovation in any business. ” Summary – a JOAT is not as likely to be as productive and innovative in any one field or skill as someone who is allowed to specialize in the  field or skill.

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