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Industrial Skills Training: LEAN Maintenance Practices

Industrial Skills Training: LEAN Maintenance Practices << Click to read.

Lean Maintenance Principles

What do you about the above link, will manufacturing automation lead to more Lean Maintenance practices, which will in turn lead to Six Sigma Black Belt Maintenance Techs?

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Benchmark Data by Industry

Overall Equipment Effectiveness survey by industry


Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Benchmark Data by Industry.

OEE survey by industry

Overall Equipment Effectiveness survey by industry. (Remember OEE measuring methods are not as consistent and reliable as TEEP, so unless the same team is conducting OEE across all industries, measurement methods and schedules may be adjusted causing survey results that are misleading. An apples to oranges comparison.)

For details see link at top of this page.

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Shareholders versus Stakeholders – Evolving Excellence

Lean proponents believe that fairly, even well, compensated employees; suppliers sure they will be dealt with fairly if they invest in the long term health of their customers; customers who receive the most for their money; and communities living with assurance that local employers are long term residents will all go beyond the call of duty to assure the success of the business.”

Read more: at Evolving Excellence click 
Shareholders versus Stakeholders – Evolving Excellence.

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Lean in manufacturing – Jadoka

Lean Manufacturing implementation training video for Jidoka (Automation with a human touch). Also known as Jidoka

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Autonomous Maintenance Level 2

Autonomous Maintenance Level 2

Time to bring your plant operators up to Autonomous maintenance level 2. See for phase II of this Lean TPM principle.

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Lean Machine Operator Training

Lean Machine Operator Training

Training operators to be more familiar with equipment and maintenance is a Lean initiative to create greater employee ownership and less downtime. To the end, I would like to tell the group about the Silver CD set. It is specifically designed to teach operators more about machines and maintenance via training newsletters and article you print and hand out plant wide. Also has ebooks written in plain and simple language that they can read and a bearing lubrication CD they can go through to learn more about properly lubricating their equipment. All for the low price of $299 to deliver training to the entire facility.
See …

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