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Learning PLC Analog

Learning PLC analog input and output is another great example of it being greater benefit to first learn PLC Analog before moving on to PAC Analog. In the PAC, instead of using SCL instructions in the ladder logic, you scale analog inputs and outputs in the analog card setup screen itself. (The I/O configuration area of PAC software like RSLogix 5000).

Used in the video above is the Basic PLC Training Certificate Course download. You should take that course first before taking the (PAC Course) Controllogix RSLogix 5000 certificate course download.

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Effective Training Video Types

Example: PLC Training Videos and the PLC Training Video Series

PLC training videos

There are a lot of elements that go into creating effective PLC training videos or a PLC training video series. Production quality is very important, but just as important is the knowledge and experience value to the viewer. Especially on highly technical topics like PLC training.

PLC Training Video Production Quality:

Visual quality is a given, and most pay attention to it. Is it clear, is it visually appealing? The audio quality on the other hand and the production itself is frequently overlooked. Especially when it is real world PLC training video. Like  Hands-on PLC Training video we did back in 2007 before HD was popular. Excellent real world knowledge conveyed, but poor visual quality and the audio was even worse. It was filmed live during one of our quarterly PLC training seminars, with no external mic or pre-production planning, just post production editing.

PLC Training Video Knowledge and Experience Value:

PLC training video knowledge and experience value is an opinionated interpretation. Even an ad like PLC Training Org’s video can be considered by some of great value if they never knew of PLC Training Org’s existence and all the best practices there. If the viewer already knows the knowledge conveyed in PLC training video like What is a PLC video they may find it useless, while the layman who does not know what a PLC is, may find great value in how it simplifies the answer.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. based on their own life experiences.

Then there is a gray area too, the viewer thinks they know the content already like in the example PLC vs PAC training video , but after watching find they had a misconception. (Most people do not know enough to distinguish between a PLC and a PAC, they think they are one in the same and “PAC” is just a fancy sales word. 🙂

PLC training video series can be of the great value as they typically deliver more knowledge and/or experience in smaller consumable portions. They help combat retention and attention rate issues. A PLC training video series can be on one certain topic like PLC Network Training or can be an entire PLC Training Video Course Series .

Overall PLC training videos can be a great scholastic educational resource, so don’t discredit all, if you run into a few that don’t suit your needs, or is just bad quality.

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