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Rockwell RSLogix 5000 Training Seminar

Instructor: The PLCProfessor

Date: 9/26/2017 – 9/28/2017

Location: St. Louis, MO USA

Rockwell RSLogix 5000 Training Seminar starring The PLC Professor!

If you liked the PLCProfessor books and the PLCearn series, now is your chance to get hands on Controllogix – Compactlogix and RSLogix 5000 PAC training in person with the PLCProfessor!


3 – Day RSLogix 5000 PAC Training Workshop

This 3 days of PAC training labs on real Compactlogix PACs is phase 1 of PAC training; Programming Ladder Logic with Rockwell’s  Studio 5000. (2.4 CEUs )

BIN95 offer The Best for Less once again with all the extra free PAC/PLC training material (see below)  each attendee takes home with them. The effective cost for all three days, once you deduct the value of free PLC training material, is about $1000 for all 3 days! That’s only $330 per day while everyone else charges over $500 per day. Plus it is not just anyone giving you that valuable hands on training, BIN95 and The PLC Professor specialize in automation training.

Undeniably, The Best for Less!
Register today, tap RSLogix 5000 Training Seminar for more details and to register.

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Learning PLC Network to PC Communication to HMI SCADA Smartphone

Below is a link to a great whitepaper about the learning path for PLC network Communication to PC (HMI SCADA), to the Smartphone (cloud). More accurately PLC to OPC/SQL to Smartphone App or HTML5. Includes network security advice for the stages alogn the way too. Start with PLC network and communication protocols and methods, then expand to HMI-SCADA, to SQL (and brand specific topics like RSLinx OPC server), Excel OPC client, HTML5 and your ready for Smartphone.

Source: Learning PLC Network to PC Communication to HMI SCADA Smartphone


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PLC Training | Analog input output – YouTube

Learning PLC Analog

Learning PLC analog input and output is another great example of it being greater benefit to first learn PLC Analog before moving on to PAC Analog. In the PAC, instead of using SCL instructions in the ladder logic, you scale analog inputs and outputs in the analog card setup screen itself. (The I/O configuration area of PAC software like RSLogix 5000).

Used in the video above is the Basic PLC Training Certificate Course download. You should take that course first before taking the (PAC Course) Controllogix RSLogix 5000 certificate course download.

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Effective Training Video Types

Example: PLC Training Videos and the PLC Training Video Series

PLC training videos

There are a lot of elements that go into creating effective PLC training videos or a PLC training video series. Production quality is very important, but just as important is the knowledge and experience value to the viewer. Especially on highly technical topics like PLC training.

PLC Training Video Production Quality:

Visual quality is a given, and most pay attention to it. Is it clear, is it visually appealing? The audio quality on the other hand and the production itself is frequently overlooked. Especially when it is real world PLC training video. Like  Hands-on PLC Training video we did back in 2007 before HD was popular. Excellent real world knowledge conveyed, but poor visual quality and the audio was even worse. It was filmed live during one of our quarterly PLC training seminars, with no external mic or pre-production planning, just post production editing.

PLC Training Video Knowledge and Experience Value:

PLC training video knowledge and experience value is an opinionated interpretation. Even an ad like PLC Training Org’s video can be considered by some of great value if they never knew of PLC Training Org’s existence and all the best practices there. If the viewer already knows the knowledge conveyed in PLC training video like What is a PLC video they may find it useless, while the layman who does not know what a PLC is, may find great value in how it simplifies the answer.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. based on their own life experiences.

Then there is a gray area too, the viewer thinks they know the content already like in the example PLC vs PAC training video , but after watching find they had a misconception. (Most people do not know enough to distinguish between a PLC and a PAC, they think they are one in the same and “PAC” is just a fancy sales word. 🙂

PLC training video series can be of the great value as they typically deliver more knowledge and/or experience in smaller consumable portions. They help combat retention and attention rate issues. A PLC training video series can be on one certain topic like PLC Network Training or can be an entire PLC Training Video Course Series .

Overall PLC training videos can be a great scholastic educational resource, so don’t discredit all, if you run into a few that don’t suit your needs, or is just bad quality.

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PLC Programming Help

OEM PLC Programming Help

Start with industry standard program structure. Provide a cross reference subroutine, a startup subroutine , keep main PLC program file clean with mostly just jump to subroutine rungs and critical safety rungs. (Have a structure in the first place.)

Use common PLC programming  conventions like plugging timers in forward / reversing motor logic. Use variable (memory location) instead of constant for

See OEM PLC Training Tips for more…

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PLC Technician Job Requirements

PLC Technician

Improper PLC training can cause damage to man or machine!

Great advice for HR departments and Maintenance Managers in hiring truly qualified PLC Technicians. As you will learn, hiring a maintenance technician for their PLC knowledge can cost a company big time in the long run, if they don’t weed out the candidates who have not been properly trained. With PLCs controlling most of your business and improper training leading to damage of man or machine, this hiring decision can be one of the most important ones you make.

But when it come to the PLC Technician Job, where one mistake can cause damage to man or machine, costing a company hundreds of thousands of dollars, the following PLC training advice becomes very important. 

The article below is a great resource to help you vet potential Maintenance Technicians and PLC Technicians for your company.

GO TO … PLC Technician Job Training Requirements to read full article.

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PLC Training Courses Comparison

PLC training advice for your company’s Industrial Maintenance and Engineering departments.

A great blog post and chart at the link below that quickly breaks down your company’s PLC training options, so you can choose the best PLC training solutions that reduces your company risk and downtime.

PLC Training Courses Comparison Chart – Industrial Training for Maintenance and Engineering.

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It’s not about the machine, it’s about the man.

The Man is Scott Whitlock who impressed me so much … I wanted to tell you all about him (his wife too), and share his great blog with you.

PLC programming

Scott is a best-practice PLC programmer and host

Scott by day does PLC, .NET, VB6, and SQL Server programming. In the evenings Scott and his wife run a question and answer site for parents called, then on the weekends he writes and maintains an open source framework called SoapBox Core for developing extensible .NET applications. Somehow, Scott still finds time to produce an excellent blog, which is how I found him. A must read for all our followers, see

What first impressed me as I read the RSLogix 5000 tutorial part of his blog, is that as he laid out clear and concise tutorials, he recommended many of the best practices we teach our students. So much so, it was as if he was trained by us. 🙂 Now one might think, well, that is not such a big deal, but it really is if you had my life’s experience running a training company specializing in PLCs. I have read most of the books, viewed most the popular PLC video series on YouTube, had instructor from other PLC training providers working for me at one time or another, even attended many PLC vendor classes. All the aforementioned PLC training resources had one thing in common, they did not teach best-practices like we do. Many actually teach worst practices putting man and machine at unnecessary risk and increasing downtime risk. So after all these years running into someone who not only teaches best practices in his PLC tutorial, but also explains why that particular way is the best way (also like we do), does amaze and impress me. Scott definately deserves our kudos. 🙂

[Note to Scott: When I say above “Best-Practices” I mean that in the most highest of complementary ways, meaning you are instructing the current best way to do something. Yes, I read your other blog post too, including the one where you comment big corporations get stuck in unchanging ‘Best-practices’ and ‘standards’ that stifle innovation and improvement. LOL So whenever you read best practices above, interpret it as ‘the best way’, the current best way. Thanks again for your great blog.]


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“BIN95” Raises the Bar for Programmable Logic Control Training Giving Every PLC Training Seminar Attendee a PLC With Trainer and Extra Lessons to Take Home

“BIN95” Raises the Bar for Programmable Logic Control Training Giving Every PLC Training Seminar Attendee a PLC With Trainer and Extra Lessons to Take Home.

Click above to read press release.

President of BIN : “Proving once again we care more about the customer learning and continuing to do so after they leave the workshop, than we care about profits. Living up to our creed… “The Best for Less”

Hands-on best PLC training

Click Programmable Logic Control Training for PLC Training workshop details.

(hurry, only 10 seats available and last 2 PLC seminars this year)

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Free Online PLC Training Interactives | Industrial Training

Free Online PLC Training Interactives | Industrial Training.

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