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Autonomous Maintenance (TPM Manufacturing)


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Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is a must for TPM Manufacturing. So one could say, “AM” has a duel definition. AM stands for Autonomous Maintenance, but also for “A Must”. But before explaining why, first just in case the reader of this is not aware, I should probably get the Autonomous Maintenance definition out of the way.

Autonomous Maintenance Definition:

Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is the first of the 8 pillars of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). There are 8 steps in Autonomous Maintenance (Step 0 through 7;  Education, Cleaning, Sources, Standards, Inspection, AM Standards, Quality and Supervision. The Autonomous Maintenance methodology was developed to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Understanding the importance of Autonomous Maintenance

Understanding the importance of Autonomous Maintenance to improving your company’s OEE can be gained from knowing AM’s origins and context within the big picture goal of obtaining Six Sigma status. One of the primary drivers of obtaining Six Sigma status is Lean Manufacturing. TPM is one of the foundation blocks of Lean Manufacturing implementation. The synergy of TPM with 5S and Kaizens result in acceptable constant improvement goals of LEAN and OEE. Autonomous Maintenance (AM) is listed first, in the 8 pillars of TPM and it’s considered as a key concept of Total Productive Maintenance. The key to greatest success of your Autonomous Maintenance program, is Step 0, operator education.

Scientific studies show Autonomous Maintenance programs improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The study showed significant improvement from 65.8% to 80.4% after the AM implementation. OEE improvement would have been even higher if other pillars in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) where focused on more.

TPM Autonomous Maintenance Implementation Success

For TPM implementation success, it is critical you gain the most success possible in the first pillar of TPM, Autonomous Maintenance. A good start to TPM, is to pilot an Autonomous Maintenance (AM) program in your facility. For Autonomous Maintenance implementation success, it is critical you gain the most success possible in Step 0 of AM. Step 0 is operator education. Step 0 is where employees are educated on the basic function of how the equipment and technology they’re using, works. The Autonomous Maintenance Level 2 Training Program (AM2) was specifically designed to help you accomplish that mission cost effectively. The AM2 program gives you the tools to get the most out of your Autonomous Maintenance program. The AM2 program is the key to engaging operators in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and 5S.

(You can learn more about the autonomous maintenance steps << here.)

Hope this article was informative and you share with others. The more who learn, the more companies and individuals earn.

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